Preserving Your Socket

Dental care is no longer just about extracting teeth and leaving gaps. It is about keeping the tooth socket firm and preserved, even without the tooth, for the success and natural looking appearance of tooth restorative procedures. Socket preservation enables us to have beautiful smile and to look youthful.

It is widely accepted among dentists that bone loss occurs rapidly after tooth extraction. This means the socket tissue that used to hold the tooth will collapse, resulting in insufficient bone volume and quality.

Eventual sinking of the gum lines causes functional and aesthetic problems when the patient decides to have dentures, bridges or the more pricey dental implants. All of these require a good jaw bone support and a healthily preserved socket.

Without solid bone foundation, inserted implants may be unstable; and a collapsed ridge clearly renders a poor aesthetic appearance. However, current methods to preserve sockets tend to have limitations. Alvelac™ aims to solve all that.

Socket Preservation is an indispensible procedure, the all-important, fundamental “must have” to bone loss prevention following tooth extraction. Jaw bones have the crucial function of propping up gum tissue and holding onto teeth to keep one’s smile looking beautiful and natural. After the tooth is removed, jaw bones have to be preserved to keep sockets in shape. Preservation as the name has it, is the maintenance of the socket, which is essentially the height and width of the gap that is left after the tooth is removed. It is done by placing a graft material or scaffold immediately into the socket of an extracted tooth to preserve bone height, width and density. Saving the bone thus allows for tooth restoration work to be done successfully.

Without sufficient bone quantity and quality, prosthetic dentistry that includes Dental Implants, Fixed Bridges and Dentures do not have a solid foundation to anchor on. And what turns out may not only be a dent in the wallet for nothing more than an ugly misfit of false replacements hanging above receding gums! Careful management of extraction sockets after tooth extraction prevents unsightly bone loss and provides a better cosmetic outcome for tooth replacement.

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